Review of Quality Furniture

Making your house look, more appealing and relatable, furniture is very important. The choice of wood furniture is utmost important while you are buying it for your home or even for your office. With loads of variety available in the market for furniture, people get confused and do not understand which furniture is durable and high in quality. It is easy to choose a certain texture, pattern, colour or design for the wooden furniture, but by merely having a look at it does not make it more durable. Deciding how many years will it stay cannot be judged by simply looking at it.

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One must have knowledge regarding long-lasting furniture, which we are sure; you would be able to gain after reading the Kingfo Furniture.

home furniture review

Structure and Composition

Most of the people would think that furniture made from hardwood are more solid as compared to furniture made with softwood. But that is not the case. In fact, some hardwoods like Aspen are soft than the softwoods. It is a type of tree, which provides hard and soft wood. The first and foremost test, which you can do, is testing whether the furniture is scratch proof or not. This can be done easily by scratching the surface of the wood with your nails. If there is a scratch, it would not last for long for sure.

If you have to look structurally, any solid wood would let you apply the nail scratch trick. In case of plywood having more layers, test them closely. Ensure checking all the knots because knots in the woods are also prone to cracks. Furniture having more knots (especially one made with pine) are less considerate in this case. Veneers is a very thin wooden piece with low quality of wood usually used in high-quality furniture. But ensure the base of the furniture is made of plywood or the solid wood, other layers can have Veneers. The only disadvantage of the Veneer is that not many times the Veneer wood can be refinished.

Wood Construction

To determine quality furniture, look at the joint construction. If the wooden furniture is stick with glue, which are visible or are held together with nails then they are termed to be Shoddy construction. The frequently preferred constructions are the Dovetail and Mortise & Tenon. Other acceptable construction joints are Screws and Dowels. Look if the corners of the furniture are blocked at an angle.

While going for Desk or Drawers check whether it has a dust panel or not. They are not mandatory but they do improve the structural strength and protect the contents of the drawers or desk.  Do try to open the drawer and see if it is gliding smoothly or not. Having stops in the drawer is must so that it does not come out all of a sudden. Drawers that have bottom floating and not attached to the sides are considered to be the best as they have an area for expansion or contraction depending on the weather conditions thus providing more strength.

Before purchasing, ensure all the legs of the furniture are stable and are touching the ground. Check if any of the legs are wobbly or not. Press the corners of the furniture to see if it have any crack or not.

Upholstered Furniture Composition

Sofas and Fabric containing chairs are most frequently used furniture in the house. With removable cushions provided with these furniture, make sure you unzip all of them and look beneath it. This would lead you to foam wrappers and inner cover, which protect the furniture. The inner cover is usually made up of muslin cloth. The furniture having only Foam based covers or cushion are neither too comfortable nor durable. Inquire about the density of the foam used in the furniture (ideally 1.8 pounds or more).

Bottom Line

It is very important, you check every inch and every corner, be it exposed or non exposed of the furniture before purchasing. Inquire about the quality and wood used in making of the furniture to the dealer. If purchasing a sofa or a chair, sit on it and if you feel comfortable then only take it. For cupboards, drawers, table etc, every hook and nook should be checked and make sure no crack or stain is there. This is a long-term investment and buying quality furniture would be more fruitful.