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Buying Solid Wood Table – What you should look out for

Most strong solid wood furniture like tables are produced using hardwoods with charming grain examples, for example, cherry, maple, mahogany, oak, teak and walnut.

Strong wood is the most perfect wood, with each piece made of a uniform material. With no different materials associated with the creation, it is the most secure and cleanest sort of wood. Its characteristic wood grain surfaces, albeit achievable through veneering, is exceptionally looked for after.

It is the most grounded and most solid sort of wood with appropriate support. With legitimate cleaning utilizing wood cleaners, strong wood can last over 100 years. Strong wood is additionally exceptionally repairable as a rule.


The most evident detriment for the last purchasers is the value point. The costs of strong wood furniture, for example, bed outlines, tables, seats and closets are regularly essentially more costly than their built wood partners. The premium is because of more restricted supply of such wood (trees don’t simply become medium-term!) and the more sensitive furniture producing process.

Another impediment of strong wood is its helplessness to the earth. Strong wood contracts and grow when presented to changing warmth and stickiness. Outside of a controlled atmosphere, the occasional cycles would make the wood psychologist or break after some time. It is additionally more defenseless against bothers like termites contrasted with MDF.

Another impediment of strong wood is that it can be harder to watch over. In the event that your furniture is made of strong wood, at that point you should hope to watch over your strong wood furniture. Certain hardwoods like Walnut or Oak may expect you to saturate them once at regular intervals.


Type Pros Cons
Solid Wood Relatively resistant to water. Can also be refurbished and made to look like new again. Limited in designs as it can deform if it is made too thin. Expensive
MDF Cheaper than solid wood but stronger. MDF can be made thinner for attractive designs. Cannot be easily refurbished when scratched. Veneer is less water resistant.
Plywood Keeps in shape much better than solid and MDF. Cannot be refurbished unlike solid wood.
Laminate / Particleboard Cheap. Outlook, shape and form doesn’t last. Hydrophobic.