French Home Decor Ideas

French Home Décor Inspiration to Create Stylish
Interior Parisian is known for their stylish live style
since everything around them is always stylish and trendy including their French home décor. Everything that they did is always right from
their fashion style to their home interior design. Sometimes we think it is very difficult to
try and do what the Parisian did, but actually if you know the secret to do such style inside
your house, then it is actually not very difficult to do. Let us learn a few tips and trick which you
could easily apply to your house to achieve this kind of style inside your house. Tips in Creating French Home Décor for Your
House Interior Design 5.Upholstered. Parisian love comfort that is why they use a lot of upholstered items inside their house. Of course you also want to add some comfort
to your own house, which is why you must choose upholstered French house décor items whenever
possible. Try to use big French chesterfield sofa for
your living room and add upholstered headboard to your bedroom. With those items you will feel more comfort
and it also able to add more luxury appearance for your house. 4. Gold and bronze. To add the luxury of French house décor into your house you need to insert several elements
with gold and bronze. Of course you do not need to add real gold
paint to your house but you can try to add detail of gold into the furniture. Antique furniture usually has some gold and
bronze finishing so you might want to use that inside your interior. But if you want something simple, just add
bronze hardware to your old furniture. With the addition of small gold and bronze
detail into your interior design you will make it more luxurious. 3.Art piece We all know that Parisian appreciate art a lot, that is why you must also induce art
inside your house when you want to use this theme. By adding art to your French home décor design,
it would become fun element which could balance out all of those serious feeling that the
antique pieces brings into your house. And we all know that adding a few pieces or
art inside a house will really complete the house design. You can try to use abstract pieces, black
and white photograph, rough sketches or even your children drawing. 2.Antique French furniture To insert the real French feeling inside your interior design you must use some antique
French furniture inside your house. Try to visit your local antique store which
may have several French home décor items from aristocratic era. Of course it might not be easy to find the
real authentic antique French furniture so you can also use new furniture which inspired
by the real antique French piece. You do not need to use French furniture for
all of your furniture since you only need to put some as your house accent. That is why you can still mix and match your
modern furniture with them if necessary. 1. Neutral color Parisian always thinks simplicity as the key for everything stylish and that is include
the interior design that they use inside their house. To keep the interior simple they use neutral
colors when they design it. That is why when you want to use French home
décor for your house then you must keep your color scheme simple by using several neutral
colors. You can also use complementary colors by choosing
it with the help of color wheel. With this simple color pallet that you use,
it will make your house balance so it will be able to keep you calm by the comfort. Tips in Creating French Theme Decoration for
Your House Interior When you use French theme for your house interior
the key is to mix and match everything. Since you do not want your interior to appear
old but still you want to keep the luxury of old interior design, you need to mix
and match old and new items together. You can use a lot of modern items but try
to insert several old items in your design as the accent of your French house décor
room. Art is another thing that you need to pay
attention as Parisian also appreciates art a lot, that is why you need to insert several
art pieces in your house decoration. As accent you can also use several unique
items which you find on the flea market. You should not need to worry since those kinds
of items can also be considered as art pieces. As long as you know how to present the flea
market items in an artistic way, then you will be able to make the piece appear more
valuable than the real cost which you pay to bought it.

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