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Electrical Works in Singapore

Electricity isn’t a luxury, it’s an absolute need and any problems we have regarding electricity in our homes, it can throw everything in disarray.

Old homes due to wear and tear face a lot of issues in the electrical department. Any electrical issue at home can be troubleshooted and solved.

Here are the most common electrical problems in Singapore



  • Shocks



This is the most obvious and very dangerous. Do you sometimes get shocks or do sparks fly when you plug an appliance to the switch board? Then you have an electrical problem.

Electrical shocks are caused either due to bad wiring or even a bad appliance. The best way to check if any of your appliances are faulty is by plugging in multiple appliances to see if there is a problem.

If all appliances have a problem, then the wiring is what is causing the shocks.



  • Light bulbs have a short life-span



If your light bulbs are burning out too quickly there can be various reasons causing this issue. The most common problems are a high wattage, bad wiring in the circuit or the main, insulation is too close to your bulbs, if the lights are flickering and they bust out, then it’s a poor connection.



  • Electrical surge



Electrical surges are one of the most dangerous electrical issues in the house. They can destroy your expensive appliances, they can destroy your entire switch board and your electrical wiring.

One power surge can destroy multiple appliances at once. Power surges can also be caused by bad weather, lightning strikes or even a bad appliance.

The usual suspects for a power surge are bad wiring, cheaply made powerboards.



  • Switches are too loose or not working properly


Switches often bust out over the years because of the constant switch on and switch off and the wiring gets busted. If your switches are dead in the beginning, then it’s probably bad electrical work and installation or sub-standard switch boards.


If switches don’t work at all, then it’s just a dummy installation with no wiring behind it.



  • High electricity bill



A high electricity bill can be caused by many factors. Some of the most common factors are as follows.


Expensive service provider : Before you jump on a service provider, make sure to compare prices with other service providers and choose a plan that suits your needs.

Bad appliances : Believe it or not, badly wired appliances can increase your electricity bill by quite a bit. If you don’t have any other problems, test out your electricity consumption by removing certain appliances for a few days and check the rate of use.

Heater : The heater is one of the biggest consumers of electricity. A good water heater takes a few minutes to heat up. But many residents, leave it on for 25 to 30 minutes and this sucks a lot of electricity

Damaged circuits : This is something a user can’t control. If everything is right, a bad circuit can increase the electricity bill

Old school advice : Always switch off appliances and fans that aren’t in use. Use the aircon judiciously and be aware of your electrical use.

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