SHEIN Responsible Sourcing Program

The SHEIN Responsible Sourcing Program is our commitment-in-action to ensuring that all factories and companies that supply to SHEIN are aligned to and comply with local laws and regulations as well as international human and labour conventions and standards.

We work with independent third-party quality assurance agencies like Intertek, TUVR, SGS and Openview to manage suppliers of SHEIN products, monitoring their compliance to the SHEIN Code of Conduct which includes compliance requirements related to health and safety, environment, labor and social welfare

It is our way of ensuring that even the third-party vendors in our ecosystem provide working and living conditions for their employees that are safe and dignified.

As of December 2022, 2600 audits have been completed across supplier facilities in China.

To further support the suppliers in our ecosystem, we have also created the SHEIN Supplier Community Empowerment Program which looks at factory enhancement, technology innovation, training support, and community engagement.